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Invited speakers

Carla Vogt

Carla Vogt completed her doctorate in analytical chemistry with focus on speciation at the University of Leipzig, Germany, in 1987. After her study of metal species in coal by extraction methods, ion chromatography, ICP-OES and neutron activation analysis she focused on separation sciences. Within the next 15 years she developed methods for surfactant analysis by capillary electrophoresis and studied new detection techniques, like PIXE, for capillary systems. In 1998 Dr. Vogt joined the Institute for Solid State and Materials Research at Dresden as head of the analytical division. Since this time she focused on the investigation of new materials and the development of analytical methods for this purpose. In 2001 she moved to Hannover as Professor for Analytical Chemistry and Solid State Analysis. Main topics of her recent research are the development of reference materials for X-ray analysis, investigation of implant materials in vivo and in vitro, and archaeometry at gold and silver artifacts, for which mainly analytical methods with micro-focus capabilities are used (LA-ICP-MS, micro-XRF, micro-PIXE). Carla Vogt is an author of more than 80 papers, 1 book and 3 book contributions. She has teaching experience from  lectures and seminars at 3 universities. Also, she is a coordinator for M.Sc. Analytical Chemistry at the Leibniz University Hannover.


Prof. Dr. Carla Vogt

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz University Hannover

Faculty of Natural Sciences

Institute for Inorganic Chemistry

Callinstr. 9

30167 Hannover, Germany

phone:  +49-511-762-19312

e-mail:  vogt@acc.uni-hannover.de


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