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Invited speakers

Tereza Uhlíková

Tereza Uhlíková started her scientific life at Charles University in Prague with the Master and the Doctoral degree from physical chemistry focusing on theoretical chemistry. Then she has continued through experience with both experimental and theoretical approaches. Among the most important experiments belongs observation and processing of measured visible spectra of reddened stars in order to identify carbon chain as possible carrier of DIB’s at Okayama Observatory in Japan. Experience in theoretical calculations she obtained at Bergishe university in Wuppertal in Germany, at the institute of Organic chemistry and Biochemistry in Prague in Czech republic and during almost two years fellowship at University degli study di Milano in Italy. At present, she works as an assistant professor at Institute of chemical technology in Prague and does theoretical (ab intio, semi-empirical) predictions and analyses of spectra of radicals and small molecules with astronomical and atmospherical interest. She has experience in calculations of both electronic and microwave spectra from the first principles, not only using the standard program packages like MOLPRO or Gaussian, but particularly with the effects going beyond the Born-Oppenheimer approximation, which are crucial in species occurring in interstellar, circumstellar and atmospherical environments.

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