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Invited speakers

Mustafa Tüzen

Mustafa Tüzen was born in 1968 in Trabzon, Turkey. He finished Chemistry Department at Black Sea Technical University in 1986 in Turkey. He completed MSc and PhD in Analytical Chemistry at the same university. He worked as research assistance between 1994-1997 in Chemistry Department, Celal Bayar University in Turkey. He worked as assist. Professor Doctor between 1998-2004 and assoc. Professor between 2004-2009 at Gaziosmanpasa University in Turkey. He appointed as Professor in 2010 in Chemistry Department, Gaziosmanpasa University in Turkey. He administrated seven masters and four doctoral theses under his supervision. He completed several national and international projects.

Awards:  Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK), Scientific Awards from Gaziosmapasa University, 2004 and 2012.

Interesting area: Analytical chemistry, Trace element analysis, AAS, Enrichment and Separation, Speciation analysis, Adsorption, Green extraction techniques, Sample preparation methods

Members: Turkish Academy of Sciences

Published Papers in SCI Journals: 166, Cited Papers in SCI Journals: 5320, H Factor: 45

Address: Gaziosmanpasa University, Faculty of Science and Arts, Chemistry 

                 Department, 60250 Tokat, Turkey

                 Telephone: +90 535 9468063                  

                 Fax: +90 356 2521585

                 E-mail: mustafa.tuzen@gop.edu.tr



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