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Invited speakers

Martin Hof

Prof. Martin Hof has been working since 1997 for the J. Heyrovský Institute of Physical Chemistry; Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. His research focuses on the development of novel fluorescence techniques and their applications in biophysics and biology. His group members succeeded to develop and apply several novel fluorescence techniques including the fluorescence solvent relaxation technique, z-scan Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy (FCS), Fluorescence Lifetime Correlation Spectroscopy (FLCS), Fluorescence Spectral Correlation Spectroscopy (FSCS) and Dynamic Saturation Optical Microscopy (DSOM). Moreover, his group implemented cutting edge fluorescence techniques (e.g. raster image correlation spectroscopy (RICS), photoactivation localization microscopy (PALM), cross correlation Number & Brightness analysis) and further improved such already existing techniques (fluorescence lifetime imaging (FLIM) for quantitative size determination of nanodomains or 2-foci FCS).

His working group website is http://www.jh-inst.cas.cz/~fluorescence



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