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Invited speakers

Érico Marlon de Moraes Flores

Érico Marlon de Moraes Flores has a permanent position at Universidade Federal de Santa Maria in Brazil (since 1991) performing research and teaching activities in Analytical Chemistry area. He was the Director of Analytical Chemistry Division of Brazilian Chemistry Society (2010-2012) and he is currently a titular member of Brazilian Pharmacopoea Commission, coordinator of the Chemistry Committee and Scientific Director of FAPERGS (Foundation of Rio Grande do Sul State for Research Support, Brazil). He has experience in the development of methods for sample preparation, atomic spectrometry, use of microwave and ultrasound, speciation analysis and quality control of pharmaceutical products. He has published about two hundred papers in peer review international journals, patents and also book chapters in these fields and developed a new system of microwave induced combustion (MIC) that is currently commercialized in many countries.



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