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Invited speakers

Bohumil Dočekal

Bohumil Dočekal studied chemistry at Masaryk University, at those times temporarily called the University of Jan Evangelista Purkyne (UJEP ), where in 1975 received the degree of Doctor of Natural Sciences RNDr. In 1988 he defended his doctoral dissertation and became a Candidate of Sciences CSc, later he was qualified as a Lecturer at the Faculty of Chemistry, University of Technology (VUT) in Brno.

In the Department of Analytical Chemistry at Research Institute of Pure Chemicals (VÚČCH) at Lachema, Brno he worked with atomic emission spectrometry and atomic absorption spectrometry. His research was aimed at studying the possibility of direct introduction of solid samples into the AAS atomizer. Since 1986 Bohumil Dočekal works as a researcher at the Institute of Analytical Chemistry, Czech Academic of Science, Brno with expertise in the development of methods for trace and ultra-trace atomic spectrometry of advanced materials, biomaterials and environmental samples.

Professional qualification of Bohumil Dočekal was increased by scholarships in Germany (1988 Max-Planck Institut in Dortmund), repeatedly at the University of Ulm (collaboration with Prof. V. Krivan), and in Turkey. About 40 original papers in journals, about 70 oral and poster contributions at international conferences in 50 appearances at national events were published under his name. Also he is the author of several textbooks and he has contributed to scholarly monographs and encyclopedias. He has been for many years actively involved in the activities of the Czechoslovak Spectroscopic Society, now Ioannes Marcus Marci Spectroscopic Society (IMMSS). He participated in the organization of conferences and seminars for IMMSS, currently he is a Vice Chairman of the IMMSS.


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